Shoreline is pleased to offer sessions via telehealth using THERAPlatform. This platform is compliant with privacy legislation. To learn about using THERAPlatform, look at these resources:

     For Shoreline's quick guide, click here.

     For THERAPlatform's FAQs page, click here.

Contact us to discuss whether telehealth would be a good fit for your needs. We are able to provide services to residents of Nova Scotia.

Please note that LSVT LOUD is not available through telepractice at this time. We are in the process of making this available.

If you are having difficulty getting a headset due to shortages from COVID-19, please let us know. We have several headsets that can be purchased at cost. We also have some available for loan if the cost is a barrier.

Please confirm with your insurance provider that telepractice services are covered.


To participate in teletherapy, you will need the following:

  • computer/tablet with an upload/download speed of at least 1 megabyte / second (to test your speed, you can visit or

  • webcam (built in or external)

  • headset with two ear pads and a microphone (example

    • for sessions with young children who are being assisted by an adult, headsets are not ​required

    •, Staples, and Best Buy have headphones at various price points as low as $20 (check reviews to make sure the audio quality will be good enough)

    • Shoreline has several headsets available for purchase at cost

    • Shoreline has several headsets available to borrow if the cost is a barrier

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