Shoreline is pleased to offer sessions via telepractice. 'Telepractice' refers to the use of technology such as telephone or videoconferencing to deliver services at a distance (SAC, 2006)


Contact us to discuss whether telepractice would be a good fit for your needs. We are able to provide services to residents of Nova Scotia.

Please confirm with your insurance provider that telepractice services are covered. Although an insurance plan may cover in-person SLP services, it may not cover telepractice SLP services. Each provider and plan is different. It is the responsibility of the client to discuss this with their provider.

For information about how Shoreline protects your personal information and our safeguards for protecting your electronic information, click here.

Shoreline's Platform

Shoreline uses the platform Blink Session.

To log in for your appointment in Blink Session, click here:

Quick facts: here

Detailed instructions: here

Troubleshooting guide: here

In June 2021 we will be transitioning to Zoom Healthcare.


To participate in teletherapy, you will need the following:

  • an adult helper for sessions with children

    • there must be an adult present during the session to help the child with the technology​ and to help manage unproductive behaviours

    • the computer skills required to participate in a videotherapy session require an adult in most cases - use of Blink Session is not the same as a public-domain videochat software such as Skype or Facetime

  • computer/tablet with an upload/download speed of at least 1 megabyte / second

    • to test your speed, you can visit or

    • a laptop/desktop computer tends to work better than tablets

    • for adult voice clients, a tablet/iPad may not work well, but can be trialed

    • you will not be able to use a smart phone

  • webcam (built in or external)

  • headset with two ear pads and a microphone (example

    • for sessions with young children who are being assisted by an adult, headsets might not be ​required

    •, Staples, and Best Buy have headphones at various price points as low as $20 (check reviews to make sure the audio quality will be good enough)

    • Shoreline has several headsets available for purchase at cost

    • Shoreline has several headsets available to borrow if the cost is a barrier

Some headsets suggested by Shoreline:

Logitech H111 Wired Stereo Headset


Sennheiser headsets, such as:

If you are having difficulty getting a headset due to shortages from COVID-19, please let us know. We have several headsets that can be purchased at cost. We also have some available for loan if the cost is a barrier.

Troubleshooting will sometimes be required as part of a session, especially during the first session. Typically, this time for troubleshooting is either part of your scheduled time or in addition to your scheduled time, depending on the issue. If it's in addition to your scheduled time, we typically do not bill for time spent with troubleshooting. The only time that we will bill for troubleshooting is when it's due to issues with a client not being prepared and it takes 10 minutes or more. For example, if during previous troubleshooting it was determined that the client's device is not compatible with Blink Session (e.g., an old device or a smart phone) and they are having trouble because they are using the same incompatible device, we would bill for this time.

Voice Therapy Through Telepractice

For adult voice therapy, you will need specific equipment. This equipment will be loaned to you by Shoreline. It may include a condenser microphone, headset, and/or sound level meter.

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  • Overview

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  • Requirements

  • Voice therapy through telepractice

  • References

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"Telepractice: Providing Audiology and SLP Services at a Distance" 

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

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