Training for Family Members

Communication coaching sessions are intended for family members and friends of persons with communication disorders (e.g., dementia, aphasia, Huntington's disease, Parkinson's disease). The goal is to acquire skills that will improve interactions - both how effectively information is shared, and in enjoying the pleasure of communication.

Training for Relatives and Friends of Persons with Dementia

Family and friends often struggle with the impact cognitive-communication symptoms have on their relationship with the PWD. They wonder how they can continue to have fulfilling interactions, or how to accommodate for these difficulties when they are providing care. Shoreline offers the TRACED Program (Small & Perry, 2012) for family and friends. This program helps family to understand how dementia affects communication and what they can do to have enjoyable experiences together and to maintain a positive relationship.

Professional Fees

TRACED Program

6 1-hour sessions 

schedule: once every two weeks

$600 + HST


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