Employment & Volunteering

Employment Positions

If you are interested in joining our team, please email your cover letter and resume to our Clinic Manager, Pamela Coulter at pcoulter@shoreline-speech.com​.

Speech-Language Pathologist


We are currently recruiting for a speech-language pathologist. View the position description here. Applications may be submitted up to June 30.

Occupational Therapist

We are currently recruiting for an occupational therapist. View the position description here.

Paediatric Psychologist

We are currently recruiting for a paediatric psychologist. For more information or to arrange an exploratory meeting, please contact the Clinic Manager.

About Working at Shoreline

What We Look for in Team Members

We look for team members who possess the following qualities:

  • are passionate about the field of speech-language pathology

  • are dedicated to providing high quality clinical services and customer service

  • engage in ongoing continuing education to provide evidence-informed services (e.g., staying up-to-date with research)

  • are willing to expand their clinical skills

  • are flexible and adaptable

  • are reliable and efficient

  • respect policies and procedures

  • are willing to collaborate with other team members

  • are able to be independent in providing care to their clients (but seek support from team members when appropriate)

  • contribute to a pleasant, respectful, and supportive work environment 

To learn about our current clinical team, click here.

Employees vs Subcontractors

At Shoreline, all SLP staff are employees; we do not use a subcontractor model. This practice is based on the specific guidance and criteria set out by the Canada Revenue Agency (https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/forms-publications/publications/rc4110/employee-self-employed.html). 

As staff are employees, Shoreline pays the employer portion of CPP and EI contributions to the CRA. Shoreline also provides all equipment and materials (e.g., phone, computer, assessment materials, treatment materials and toys, office supplies).

How SLPs are Compensated

SLPs are compensated for both direct and related indirect clinical services based on billable hours (versus salary or shift work). The indirect hours paid are based on the related direct service time provided.


Treatment services are paid at a ratio of 1:1 - for each hour of direct clinical services, staff are paid an additional hour for the related indirect work (e.g., preparation, documentation, clear up, communication with client). For example, if an SLP had a 30-minute appointment with a client, they would be paid for those 30 minutes plus 30 minutes for the associated indirect work (30m direct + 30m indirect = 1h on time sheet). 

Assessment services are paid at a ratio of 1:2 - for each hour of direct clinical services, staff are paid an additional two hours for the related indirect work (e.g., preparation, analysis, scoring, clear up, report writing, communication). For example, if an SLP conducted an assessment that took a total of two hours with a client, they would be paid for those two hours plus four hours for the associated indirect work (2h direct + 4h indirect = 6h on time sheet). In some cases an additional hour for analysis is provided (i.e., school-age reading assessments).

No-shows are billed at the discretion of the SLP providing the service (as they best know the circumstances and the clients). If the SLP decides to bill for a no-show, the SLP is compensated for the prep time (i.e., if the session was scheduled for 30 minutes, the client is billed for 30 minutes at the no-show rate and the SLP is paid for 30 minutes of work). If the SLP chooses not to bill the client for the no-show, the SLP is not paid as we are only compensated based on billable hours.

Sick Days and Vacation

Employees are paid 4% vacation pay on each paycheck in lieu of “paid vacation time”. Employees may take up to 4 weeks off for vacation each year.

As per the Nova Scotia Labour Standards Code, employees are entitled up to three days of unpaid sick leave per year. Shoreline permits up to 12 unpaid sick days a year for its employees.

The Role of the Clinic Manager

The Owner of Shoreline also functions as the Clinic Manager. The following functions are the responsibility of the Clinic Manager:

  • bookkeeping and financial management (with CPA support)

  • marketing

  • human resources (support from CFIB)

  • communications

  • development of policies and procedures

  • equipment maintenance and repair

  • purchasing

  • intake of new clients (includes scheduling the client's first appointment)

  • insurance billing and accounts receivable

  • maintaining the general cleanliness and orderliness of the clinic 

  • development of toolkits (with volunteer support)

  • sending out reports and requesting documentation from other providers (if requested by staff)

Services During the Pandemic

Since June 2020 Shoreline has offered both in-person and telepractice services. We have strictly followed the requirements of Public Health and the Nova Scotia College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists. During sessions, staff wear an ASTM Level 2 procedural mask with a clear panel (Humask Pro Vision). Clients whose mouths must be visible during sessions are permitted to remove their masks following the direction of their SLP. Those accompanying clients (e.g., guardians) must keep their mask on unless they have a valid medical reason. 

As of March 21, 2022, Nova Scotia will be entering Phase 3 of its reopening plan. Public Health will no longer require masks to be worn in indoor spaces, but they still recommend them. Shoreline's staff will continue to wear masks when the province first enters Phase 3. Visitors will be required to still wear masks at first, but this will be reassessed week by week.

To learn more about our COVID protocols, click here.

Work Environment

We strive to create a pleasant and supportive work environment. Staff share an office space that is separate from treatment rooms. This was mutually decided upon by the team at the time not only to most efficiently utilize work space, but also to foster a collaborative environment. There are two treatment rooms in Shoreline's unit, and we have access to an additional two rooms in the Professional Centre next door. We will likely be adding another room in our unit later in 2022. Staff have access to a kitchenette in the Professional Centre.


Shoreline is located at Padders Cove on Lake Banook in Dartmouth. Paddlers Cove is an iconic Dartmouth site that over the years has been home to an ice house, lumber yard, and restaurant. It is now home to a variety of businesses including a salon, cafe, allied health services, yoga studio, boutique, and other businesses. Although not the original building, the current Paddlers Cove building is an older Class B building. It was purchased by a new owner around 2017 and has undergone significant renovations (some work is ongoing). The second floor is accessed by stairs (there are future plans to make the second floor accessible). Parking at Paddlers Cove is free. The number 62 bus stops outside the building on Prince Albert Road. 

Paddlers Cove is a dog-friendly building. Shoreline's Owner frequently brings in her dog, Kate. Staff may not bring in their own dogs, however, as more than one dog in the office would not work well. Kate is a friendly dog, but she is an AmStaff and a rescue - any prospective applicant should keep this in mind if they are uncomfortable with large breeds or remembering to keep a dog gate closed.

Volunteer Positions

We do not have any volunteer openings at this time.

Support Volunteers

  • open to undergraduate students (or graduates) who are considering a career in speech-language pathology and are preparing to apply to an SLP graduate program

  • minimum commitment is 3 hours a week for 6 months 

  • activities include observation of clinical sessions, preparation of therapy materials (e.g., helping to develop new activities, laminating, cutting), and putting away treatment materials

Please contact the Clinic Manager, Pamela Coulter, at pcoulter@shoreline-speech.com to inquire or apply.