Coffee Talk Series

Part of Shoreline's mandate is to share quality information with the public related to communication health topics. We recognize that there is much information online and people sometimes receive conflicting information from other health and education professionals who do not specialize in this area. To help spread understanding of speech and language disorders and how to access services (public or private), Shoreline's clinicians offer on-demand sessions on a variety of topics.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Coffee Talks are available through videoconference upon request. Your group can be as small as 2 or 3 people to request a session. The advantage of small groups is that participants have more opportunities to ask questions and share their personal experience.

These sessions are free and open to all. Coffee and tea will be served. Children are welcome to attend with their parents; an area to play will be available.


  • Communication after Stroke

  • Dementia and Communication

  • Understanding Communication and Traumatic Brain Injury (target audience is nursing and personal care professionals)

  • Early Speech and Language Development

  • Preschool Stuttering

  • School-Age Reading Deficits

  • Communication Changes in Parkinson's Disease

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Coffee and tea